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Internal Gearing Specialists, Bicycle Distribution & Service Center

The future of mountain bikes: Zerode offers the first production carbon fiber full suspension gearbox frame on the market. The Taniwha enduro model is designed as a complete system that aims to up the ante on long travel trail bike performance and change the way riders look at bike maintenance.

Building on a heritage of DH racing success, Zerode founder Rob Metz has combined modern geometry and cutting edge carbon manufacturing with the proven benefits of a gearbox to create a better riding experience.

With a high quality gearbox from German brand Pinion, the bike has a massive gear range inside a sealed package that is nearly maintenance-free and offers dramatically improved ground clearance when the trails get rough and rowdy. Shifting is super-fast and seamless across the gear range whether pedaling or coasting.

A simple, effective, and proven suspension platform combined with a fixed chain line optimizes pedaling performance through the entire travel range. The single speed rear hub and lack of derailleur, minimizes unsprung weight to further improve suspension performance and the symmetrical spoke angle ensures superb rear wheel stiffness.