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Cycle Monkey

Internal Gearing Specialists, Bicycle Distribution & Service Center

Syntace is built on the belief that only those who frequently and with sheer intention destroy their products—again and again—know where their limits are. The German brand offers premium handlebars, stems, rims, hubs, and complete wheels for road and mountain bike applications. Syntace stresses its components to the ultimate limits with rigorous in-house testing, delivering a final product that far exceeds industry standards for durability without sacrificing the low weight and compliant ride quality expected by the most discerning riders.

Cycle Monkey offers a wide range of aluminum and carbon fiber components from Syntace. If you push the limits when you ride, you need componentry that’s been pushed to its absolute limit as well.


Premium Carbon Fiber

  • Innovative material design and manufacturing techniques shave weight while maintaining high safety standards.
  • Absorbs smaller impacts and vibrations due to outstanding dampening characteristics

Extensive Product Testing

  • Syntace isn't afraid to break things during product testing. In fact, testing every product to its limits is an ethos the brands embraces.