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Cycle Monkey

Internal Gearing Specialists, Bicycle Distribution & Service Center
Syntace Components. Designed & made in Germany.

Only those who frequently and with sheer intention destroy their products – again and again – know where their limits are. Syntace stresses its components to the ultimate limits with rigorous in-house testing.


Light-Weight Carbon Handlebars

  • Carbon. Industry-leading material design and manufacturing to achieve optimizal weight and meet high safety standards.
  • Faster & More Comfortable. Absorbs smaller impacts and vibrations due to its outstanding dampening characteristics
  • Extreme Protection. In-molded titanium lattice protects from loads at the stem, reduces wear, and prevents slippage

Strength-to-Weight Optimized Stems

  • Light weight. The Liteforce is an unsurpassed combination of high-strength aluminum-alloy and 3D design, resulting in a new industry standard. Starting at 78g.
  • Ready for Tapered Tubes. Optimized for use of wide and super-wide MTB bars with today's tapered headtubes. Starting at 113g.
  • Syntace VR-3 Tested. Proven strength on the toughest testing bench for stems and handlebars.

Precision-Built Wheels & Hubs

  • Strong & Light. Innovative tooling and carbon layup techniques result in incomparable strength while hitting the light weight mark.
  • Top quality. Built by the world's most sophisticated, wheel-building robot, these wheelsets set a new bar for precision.
  • Tubeless & Procore Ready. Designed for MTB.