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Rohloff Axle Plate

Rohloff axle plates are used to secure the hub's axle to the frame to prevent the axle from spinning in place while pedaling.

Use the following axle codes to help with the selection process:

CC: Quick Release Axle
TS: Threaded Axle
TS: Long (+8mm threaded stub for securing trailer hitches or other brackets between frame and axle nut)
A12: Bolt-on System for Through Axle Frames

Axle plate type must match the gear unit type in the hub. Note there is no option to extend the threads on the driveside of the hub - just the threads on the axle plate with the TS Long plate.

Use the following axle plate codes will help with the selection process:

OEM: Used with dedicated Rohloff-specific dropout, which has extended slot on left side. *** DO NOT USE WITH HORIZONTAL DROPOUTS --> FRAMES WILL GET DAMAGED ***
OEM2: Typically used in conjunction with a frame having ISO disc tabs, in combination with a Monkey Bone when using a disc brake or in combination with a bolt through the lower/rear ISO hole when not using a disc brake. Some frames also have dedicated OEM2 locating bolt features such as Surly's Troll/Ogre/ECR/Pugsley (2018+) or Tout Terrain's touring and commuting frames.
No additional designator: Used with Rohloff's torque arm assembly
PM: Used in conjunction with Rohloff's PM Bone on frames with Post Mount disc mounts
Additional number: special versions for Rohloff's XXL fat bike hubs