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Cinq5 Shift:R Road for Rohloff or Pinion


- Ergonomic housing bolt for easy installation
- Spring paket includes overload protection
- Tough 6061 aluminum housing, corrosion-resistant
- ORS-technolgy for hassle-free assembly: no attention to gear postion of hub needed
- Simple shifting cable service through ICM (inverse cable mount) technology
- Shifting unit made out of special stainless steel for optimized shifting performance and increased lifetime

Cinq Innovation's Shift:R for Rohloff shifting system offers an alternative to Rohloff and Pinion's standard twist shifters for riders who want to enjoy the benefits of Rohloff's SPEEDHUB 500/14 internal gear hub or Pinion gearbox on their drop bar bikes.

The system employs fully-integrated brake/shift levers to engage crisp shifts in a fashion that's familiar to most drop bar riders and allows them to maintain their hand position on the hoods or in the drops. The levers are paired with the confidence-inspiring brake performance of the TRP Hylex disc braking system.

Note that Pinion version only works on Pinion C-Line gearboxes. It is not compatible with Pinion's P-Line gearboxes.