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Pinion gearboxes offer high-precision shifting modeled after proven automobile transmission technology. Located centrally in the bicycle frame for optimal weight balance, these gearboxes offer an extremely reliable shifting solution that is nearly wear-free.
Internal gears are located on parallel shafts, with two sub-units connected in sequence used to select an internal ratio. This internal gear ratio combined with the ratio of the external chain or belt drive cogs provides the overall gear ratio. Shifts can be made while stationary or while pedaling, and riders can shift through a handful of gears with one single movement on the standard twist shifter.
Whether city, tour, trail, bikepacking or downhill, paired with an ebike system, chain or belt drive, Pinion offers the right drivetrain solution for all types of bikes. Several gearbox models are available with different numbers of gears, most of which offer a gear range that is wider than common derailleur systems. All models pair well with rear hub motors or a belt system like that from Gates Carbon Drive and can be expected to run for hundreds of thousands of miles requiring nothing but an annual oil change. This reputation for reliability and ease of use has made the Pinion gearbox a natural choice for dedicated commuters and long-range touring riders.
If you are looking for the most reliable all-weather gearing system available, the Pinion gearbox is an obvious choice. Cycle Monkey has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of these gearboxes and related accessories and will make sure your new gearbox bike gets set up correctly so you can spend your time enjoying riding and not worrying about your bike. Our expertise and full stock of replacement parts is unparalleled in the industry. Cycle Monkey is your home for all things Pinion.

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  • Up to 636% gear range (with P-Line 18 speed box) provides plenty of gears to get up, over, around, and down all kinds of terrain
  • The lighter weight magnesium C-Line gearboxes offered in 12 speed with 600% gear range, 9 speed with 568% gear range and 6 speed with 295% gear range
  • Steps between gears are evenly spaced with no redundant gears and an ergonomically sensible gear ratio range is built specific to the area of application
  • Ergonomic twist shifter with two cable shifting for reliability
  • Aftermarket thumb shifters available
  • Requires very little maintenance and offers unmatched reliability
  • The dual cable system means one cable is always pulling the hub into its next gear, so there is no dependence on a spring for making a shift in either direction
  • Power is transmitted through only two sets of cogs, resulting in consistently high efficiency, minimal noise, and a feeling of direct power transfer at the pedals
  • Gears can be changed at any time, whether you're pedaling or not. This offers numerous advantages—from tackling technical singletrack more easily and keeping a more constant cadence, to being able to easily select a lower gear to start from a standstill on the road or trail
  • You always have a perfect chainline between the front chainring and rear sprocket, and the chain doesn't need to move laterally as it does in derailleur systems. This results in noticeably longer chain life and virtually eliminates broken chains
  • Option to run a belt drive for reduced maintenance & increased longevity
  • The Pinion gearbox has comparable efficiency to a perfectly clean derailleur system and bests derailleurs when things get muddy and gritty
  • The Pinion gearbox reduces the complexity of recumbent drivetrains