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Cycle Monkey

Internal Gearing Specialists, Bicycle Distribution & Service Center

Nicolai has never been about doing things conventionally, and they’ve always built bikes to please the most discerning of riders. Every handbuilt frame is custom ordered and entirely unique, leaving you to determine everything from the color of each frame part to your exact sizing and geometry.

Nicolai mountain bikes feature a radically long, unconventional geometry that provides a uniquely stable ride experience. Whether you prefer 27.5” or 29” wheels, hardtail or full suspension, or the additional freedom that comes with an electric mountain bike, these beasts are highly capable and made to gobble up chunder and fly through the corners. Paired with either a Pinion gearbox or Rohloff SPEEDHUB and available with a chain or Gates Carbon Drive belt system, you can build an incredibly durable rig that’s perfectly suited to your local trails.

If you’re looking for something a bit different that will turn heads everywhere you ride and rip down the sketchiest of descents without flinching, a custom Nicolai build could be for you. Ask us about getting started on your Nicolai today.