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Sinewave Cycles Beacon Dynamo Headlight

Sinewave Cycles Beacon headlight provides 750 lumens of reliable illumination whenever and wherever you ride, no charger necessary. And with an integrated USB charging port, you can charge your GPS device, cell phone, or cycling computer directly from the light.

Dynamo headlights require no charging because they rely on self-powered input from a dynamo hub, which contains a small electric generator that utilizes the energy of the front wheel while the bike is in motion. But unlike other dynamo hubs, the Sinewave Beacon also features a dynamic power input that’s capable of accepting power from the dynamo hub alone, an external USB battery pack, or both simultaneously.

The Beacon will automatically adjust its power source based on your speed, drawing from the battery pack to maintain full illumination at lower speeds, and switching to strictly dynamo-derived power as speed increase. With no external battery pack connected, the light functions like any other dynamo headlight. This same USB port also allows you to connect external devices and charge them from the power of the dynamo hub, and the light’s Charger Priority Mode intelligently balances power output between light and charger to optimize simulateous use.

The compact construction is entirely weatherproof, and a standlight function ensures the light remains illuminated up to five minutes after you come to a stop. With a standardized 10mm mounting tab, the Beacon is compatible with mounting hardware from popular dynamo hub manufacturers such as B&M, Schmidt, Shutter Precision, and more.

If you’re looking for one device to make the most of the power from your dynamo hub, Sinewave Cycles Beacon provides a single advice to light the road ahead and charges your favorite accessories.