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Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Disc Brake Hub

  • 14-Speed Internal Gear Hub Kit
  • Silver
  • Disc
  • Quick-Release Axle
  • External Shifting
  • Torque Arm
  • Includes Chain Tensioner

Rohloff's SPEEDHUBs are the gold standard for internal gear hubs. High precision manufacturing using top quality materials provides high efficiency, wide gear range, low maintenance, and incredibly long life span.

All hub kits come with twist shifter, cables, and 16T chain sprocket. Belt drive sprocket and aftermarket thumb or road brake/shift levers also available.

Though Axle [A12]

Rohloff's A12 system fits the SPEEDHUB into frames with 12mm diameter through-axle dropouts. Unlike traditional through axle hubs, where the frame's axle slides through the center of the hub, SPEEDHUB A12 hubs are secured into the frame with bolts on either side because there is not room for a 12mm axle to pass through the gear mechanism inside the hub. Adapters are used to reduce the dropout holes from 12 to 7mm. Due to the variety in dropout thicknesses among different manufacturers, Rohloff requires each frame to be verified through a certification process. This process takes some time and results in a typical 6-10 week lead time for delivery of A12 hubs. Orders received for A12 hubs will be followed up with details on how to get started.

Quick-Release Axle [CC: Cross Country]

Quick-release axles are ideal for riders who want a fast, tool-free way to remove their wheel to change a tube or tire. This includes racers, people who swap wheels between different bikes, and riders who want an easier flat tire change. A variety of specialty security skewers are available when wheel theft is a concern, and quick-release hubs also are compatible with skewer-mounted trailer hitches. Most customers choose the quick release version because of its ease of use.

Threaded Axle [TS: Threaded Spindle]

Threaded axles are popular among riders who don’t plan to remove their wheel frequently. They are also ideal for frames with horizontal dropouts because they simplify chain tension. Threaded axles offer a stiffer frame interface and may be preferred by more aggressive riders who frequent technical trails. Additionally, threaded axles make it harder for bike thieves to remove the rear wheel. Threaded axles work with trailer mounts that are available with M10 nuts. An extended threaded axle plate is available for use with plate-style trailer mounts that secure under the axle nut.

Rim Brake

The rim brake version of the hub uses a smooth hub cap with no disc brake rotor mounting bolt holes. Rohloff owners wishing to convert their hub from a disc brake version to rim brake version can contact Cycle Monkey to have the hub cap changed.

Note: This option is compatible with with either the internal or external shifter mechanism.

Disc Brake [DB]

The disc brake version of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 uses a hub cap that has four bolt holes to mount the disc brake rotor. The bolt pattern is specific to the Rohloff hub and requires a four bolt disc rotor. The main hub shell is the same no matter which hub cap is used. Rohloff owners wishing to convert their hub from a rim brake version to disc brake version can contact Cycle Monkey to have the hub cap changed.

Note: Compatible only with four-bolt disc brake rotors and must be used with the external gear mechanism.

PM Axle Plate [PM]

The PM axle plate was designed in conjunction with the PM Bone (sold separately) to secure the hub's axle to the disc mount on frames with Post Mount brake tabs.

OEM 2 Axle Plate [OEM2]

The OEM 2 axle plate was designed to be used with frames that feature international standard (ISO) disc brake mounts to secure the hub’s axle to the disc brake mount. This axle plate is most commonly used in conjunction with our Monkey Bone or Rohloff’s SPEEDBONE, both of which bolt to the disc brake mounts and feature a support tab that secures the axle plate in place. When not using a disc brake, the OEM2 plate is secured by a bolt installed on the lower/rearward brake mounting hole. Additionally, some frame makers include OEM2 anchoring bolt holes into their dropouts, such as Surly (Troll/Ogre/ECR/Pugsley [2018+]) and Tout Terrain (almost all of their models).

OEM Axle Plate [OEM]

The OEM axle plate is designed only for frames with special Rohloff-specific dropouts. It features a tab that sits securely in the frame’s dropout slots to keep the hub anchored when pedaling. Because of the position of the tab and the force that it must withstand, the OEM axle plate can only be used with frames with deep-slotted, strong dropouts designed specifically for the Rohloff hub.
Note: Only compatible with Rohloff-specific frames. Use of the OEM plate with horizontal dropouts/track ends will lead to the frame slot bending open.

Torque Arm

The torque arm is most commonly used on rim brake-only frames to keep the hub anchored when pedaling. The torque arm method of anchoring the hub uses a long metal plate that connects to the bike’s non-drive side chainstay. Quick-release axle hubs include mounting pieces that allow for tool-free removal of the torque arm while threaded axle hubs use a band clamp with an M6 bolt. Although it is most commonly used on standard rim brake frames, it can be used on any frame. This is often the only option for frames with post mount disc brake mounts that do not use an OEM dropout.

External Gear Mechanism [EX]

The external gear mechanism places the shift system in a transfer box just to the side of the frame’s dropout on the non-drive side of the hub, out of the way of the disc brake rotor. The shift cables attach to the cable transfer box, which attached to the gear box with a thumb screw. The external gear mechanism is commonly used with the disc brake version of the hub. It is simpler to install and maintain than the internal gear mechanism, but is also a bit heavier. Although it is ideal for the disc brake version of the hub, it can also be used with the rim-brake version if needed.

Internal Shift Mechanism [Axle Ring]

The internal shift mechanism places the shift system on a ring around the axle on the non-drive side of the hub. It is an option on rim brake versions of the Rohloff hub. The internal mechanism is slightly lighter and less expensive than the external version but also slightly more involved to setup. With the internal gear mechanism, cables have two pieces – one from the hub and one from the shifter. A cable housing stop must be placed on the frame, which is typically done on top of the rear left cantilever brake with the included hardware. Alternately, a housing stop is available that clamps onto the chainstays and some frame makers install housing stops directly onto their frames, such as Rodriquez Cycles. Quick-connect bayonet links are used to snap cable pieces together, and can be separated with a quarter twist.