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Cycle Monkey

Internal Gearing Specialists, Bicycle Distribution & Service Center

Building on more than 100 years of power transmission design & engineering, Gates is revolutionizing the cycling drivetrain with the Gates Carbon Drive belt system. As with the Rohloff hub, the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system has developed a reputation for its durability and reliability. Because the belt is one continuous loop rather than a collection of links and moving parts, a belt drivetrain is much stronger and will last twice as long as a conventional chain. It requires no oil, does not stretch, is extremely light, and runs much more smoothly and quietly than a chain. At Cycle Monkey, we believe belts are the future of bicycle drivetrain systems.

The Rohloff hub paired with a Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system is one of the most robust and minimal-maintenance drivetrains available. Cycle Monkey is experienced with Rohloff/belt drive compatibility and set up. We also have a selection of belt drive components and Rohloff-specific belt pulleys available in our online store. Please contact us for more info on the belt drive system.