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Wheel Color Options

 One fun aspect of building custom wheels is coordinating colors.  Okay, it's a small part but there are quite a few options for matching rims and front hubs to the stock colors on the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 hubs.  You can see a few examples of what we stock in the photos above and below.In addition to the black and silver color that most companies offer hubs in, Rohloff also offers an anodized red option for their hubs.  We stock a variety of front hub options from different manufacturers, most of which are offered in colors to match all three of Rohloff's color options.  These manufacturers include: Schmidt SON dynamos, Toxoholics, White Industries, Phil Wood, Chris King, and Project 321.  In addition, we stock several Velocity rim models in black, polished silver, and custom red anodized.  We have also been known to send hubs and rims to a local anodizing shop to get just the right shade of pink or green to make a bike really pop.Get in touch to see what we can do to make your project even more special!