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Using the Tout Terrain Bike Configurator


Tout Terrain offers a wide variety of touring, commuting, bike packing, and ebikes to fit just about any need.  Unlike most companies, which offer a single model with a fixed build kit or maybe 2-3 models/build kits at different price points with colors and component spec tied to the given model, Tout Terrain offers a flexible bike configuration program that falls somewhere between the standard stock models approach and full custom bike builds.

The approach is similar to configuring a car on a manufacturer's website.  You cannot pick every single component on the bike, but they offer options that cover the just about everything we get questions about:

  • Frame type (various wheel sizes, some step through options, various intended uses)
  • Frame color (4 colors included, 6 at small upcharge, you choose for a larger upcharge)
  • Frame size (3-4 options depending on model)
  • Drivetrain type (derailleur, various internal gear hubs, various gearboxes)
  • Contact points (saddles, grips, handlebars, pedals, stem length)
  • Sprocket sizes/gear ratios
  • Brake setup (left front vs right front)
  • Steerer tube length/number of spacers
  • Shifter options (twist vs thumb shifters)
  • Brakes, headset, bottom bracket upgrades
  • Steering lock option
  • Dynamo hubs
  • Lights
  • USB chargers
  • Pitlock security skewers
  • Racks
  • Tires
  • Fenders
  • Bell
  • Locks
  • Reflective frame decals

Getting Started

Bikes are configured through Tout Terrain's online configuration tool.  When you first visit the configurator, you will be greeted by this screen:

From here, you'll want to start by clicking "Deutschland" in the upper right to open the country selection window.  Then select "USA" from the list, and "Wählen" to confirm the selection.

The configurator will think for a few seconds and then you'll see the words in English.  Prices will also be shown in US Dollars (and update in real time as you make selections to configure your bike).

If you happen to have started browsing through the models already, you can still change over to English and USD pricing following the steps above, but after you make the country selection, you will see this window pop up:

The message says:

"Country Selection: You have chosen a model, equipment, option or accessory that is not available in all countries. If you continue, the configuration will be restarted."

Select "Ja" (yes) to confirm and the configurator will reload in English and start you at the beginning.

Saving a Bike Configuration

Once you have configured your bike and get to step 6, you have the option to save the configuration and get a unique configuration code for later viewing.  You will also need this code if you decide to place an order as all Tout Terrain bike orders require a configuration code.  You can view a detailed list of all the parts on the build by selecting the "Specifications details" drop down.

Once you click the "Save" button, the screen will update with a 6-digit configuration code on the lower right right side.  Record this code for future reference.  Clicking on "Print" above the configuration code will generate a PDF of the parts list that you can save for reference.  Note that some browsers may block the PDF window from opening.  If nothing happens after clicking "Print" and the "Creating document" window closes, check your pop-up settings to allow the window to open.

Note: if you reload your configured bike and decide to make some changes, you will need to re-save the new configuration and you will be given a new configuration code.  The original code will still pull up the original configuration if you want to go back and see what you had previously selected.

Loading a Bike with a Configuration Code

If you have previously configured a bike and generated a configuration code - or maybe your dealer put together a build that they think will work and given you a configuration code - you can enter it from the starting page of the configurator, then click "Go" to load the build.

The configurator will load to the final page (step 6) as shown in the image before the one above.  From here you can review the build details by either clicking the "Specification details" drop down or "Print" above the configuration code to create a PDF list to print or save.

Have fun building your dream bike.  If you get stuck, have questions about the available options, or otherwise need help with the configurator, feel free to get in touch with us at 510-868-1777 or info@cyclemonkey.com.