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Traitor Cycles Cutlass with Schlumpf Speed Drive

This Traitor Cycles Cutlass single speed was sent to us by a customer in San Diego, California, for a face lift and more gearing. He wanted the bike to be burgundy instead of the stock tan color it came in, which was easily accomplished by our local powder coater. He also wanted the option of more than one gear ratio without getting off the bike and flipping the back wheel while still maintaining the simplistic look and feel of a single-gear bike. Installing one of Schlumpf's internally geared cranksets provides two gear choices without adding any clutter, and with a simple click of the heel gives the rider the second speed that he was looking for.

Schlumpf Speed Drive Button

Traitor Cycles produces a variety of affordable steel bikes from their base in the Pacific Northwest. They make models for  geared, single-speed or fixed commuters, cyclocross racing and riding, mountain rides, and touring bikes. The Cutlass brought to us by this customer is a pretty traditional single-speed/track style bike with horizontal dropouts for adjusting chain tension. Traitor offers purchase of frame/fork sets or whole bikes for all their models. For customers looking for a disc brake equipped bike, the Crusade features pivoting dropouts for single-speed, Schlumpf 2-speed or Rohloff 14 speed internal gear hub.

True to the style of the Traitor Cutlass, the Schlumpf cranks requires no external shifter. The shift is actuated by hitting a discrete button on the crank arm, and thus leaves the handlebars and downtube free and clear of any derailleur, cables or external shifters; the bike keeps it's clean look. Schlumpf makes three different gearing systems called the High Speed Drive, Speed Drive, and a Mountain Drive each with a different internal ratio change. The Speed Drive model was selected as the best fit for this project. With a 1.65 overdrive ratio, this model offers a smooth pedaling transition between the two gear options, making it the most appropriate model for single-speed riding. This means when you're riding and come into varying terrain you can shift without dramatically affecting your pedaling cadence.

On the back end we installed a White Industries single speed freewheel made right here in Northern California.  This freewheel has a precision ratchet mechanism, and when paired with the Schlumpf Speed Drive, makes for a top quality drivetrain.

Traitor horizontal dropouts, MKS chain tensioner, White Industries freewheel
This bike came to us needing new life put into it. With its new paint job and significantly increased versatility, this bike is ready to hit the road with great style and functionality.

Are you looking for a simple bike for around town, or a heavy duty touring rig for riding across the country? Let us know what you need and we can help you put together the perfect build to meet your needs. We can build up anything from a stock frameset to a full custom show bike or we can help you make the bike you already have everything you want or need it to be.  Give us a call at (510)-868-1777.

Build Details:

  • Frame / Fork: Traitor Cycles Cutlass
  • Crank: Schlumpf Speed Drive unit with 32T spline chainring 
  • Headset: Traitor Cycles Stock
  • Stem: Traitor Cycles Stock
  • Handlebar: Bullhorn / pursuit positioning stock
  • Chain Tensioner: MKS
  • Freewheel: White Industries 
  • Front Hub: Traitor Cycles Stock
  • Rear Hub: Traitor Cycles Stock
  • Bottom Bracket: Traitor Cycles Stock
  • Rims: Alloy Alex Rims
  • Pedals: Dual-sided SPD/Platform 
  • Chain: Traitor Cycles Stock
  • Saddle: Traitor Cycles Stock
  • Tires: Traitor Cycles Stock