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Tech Talk: Installing Rohloff's Locking Splined Sprocket Carrier

Splined sprockets for Rohloff’s SPEEDHUB allow for easy replacement of sprockets, making them a favorite of bike mechanics and riders who need to change sprockets on the road. All new SPEEDHUBs now feature splined sprockets, and older versions can be retrofitted to run the splined sprocket system rather than the threaded system previously used by Rohloff.

Rohloff’s splined sprocket carrier allows riders to convert their SPEEDHUB to accept splined sprockets, and there’s now an updated version designed specifically for use with the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, the locking splined sprocket carrier (part #8540L).

This new version was designed in response to a noise issue some riders experienced while using the standard splined sprocket carrier (part #8540) with a Gates Carbon Drive belt sprocket. Note that we do not know of any noise issues when using the standard splined sprocket carrier with Rohloff’s chain sprockets.  

From late 2018 forward, all hubs ordered specifically for use with a belt drive system will come with the locking splined sprocket carrier pre-installed. If you have an existing belt drive hub with the standard splined adapter, Rohloff and Cycle Monkey recommend upgrading to the locking version to avoid any potential for noise. Directions to install the new carrier can be found at the link below. Hubs ordered for chain use will continue to ship with the standard splined sprocket carrier because it allows for simple, tool-free sprocket swaps.
Rohloff's original splined sprocket carrier, part #8540
The new locking splined sprocket carrier, part #8540L

Use the installation manual below to install your locking splined sprocket carrier:

Download the installation manual

Installation requires the following tools:

Rohloff's lock-ring tool is super handy

Rohloff's sprocket removal tool (part #8508)

A splined sprocket for chains may be necessary to facilitate removal removal of the Carbon Drive splined sprocket/splined carrier assembly with a chain whip

The Gates Carbon Drive Strap Wrench (for those with belts)

Chain whip (for those with chains)