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700c Road Wheelset: HED BELGIAN CLINCHER with White Industries T11 Hubs

700c Wheelset   Intended use: Road   Features:   Recommended rider weight: <200   Wheel Size: 700cWheel build details   Rims: HED Belgian Clincher   Front hub:White Industries T11   Rear hub: White Industries T11   Spokes: Laser   Nipples: Aluminum   Lacing: front 3-Cross // rear 3-Cross   Extras:Destination: Bay Area Local (Pick Up)

Road: HED C2 Belgium Rim on White Industries T11 Hub

All-Around Road Wheel   Intended use: Road riding   Features: High quality US-made hub; 23mm wide rim     offers good stiffness and tire support   Recommended rider weight: < 175lbs.   Wheel Size: 700cWheel build details   Rim: HED C2 Belgium   Rear hub: White Industries T11(24H)   Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray   Nipples: Sapim aluminum   Lacing: 2x Destination: Los Angeles, CA

Road: HED Belgium C2 Rims on Alchemy Hubs

High-performance aluminum clincher wheelset   Intended use: road riding, racing, training   Features: light, stiff, semi-aero; 23mm wide rim offers better     tire support than traditional 19-20mm wide rims; bladed     spokes slice through the wind better than round spokes;     extra wide front hub flange spacing for best lateral     stiffness; drive-side spoke flange on rear hub further out     for better lateral stiffness; rear hub cassette body presses     into large bearing in hubshell for better axle stiffness   Recommended rider weight: <170 lbs   Wheel Size: 700cWheel build detail