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29" Tubeless Ready Cyclocross Wheelset: DT Swiss XR29 with DT Swiss 240 Disk Hubs

Tubeless Ready Cyclocross Wheelset   Intended use: Cyclocross   Features: Tubeless Compatible   Recommended rider weight:   <200lbs   Wheel Size: 29"Wheel build details   Rims: DT Swiss XR29   Front hub: DT Swiss 240 disc   Rear hub: DT Swiss 240 disc   Spokes: Spaim CX-Ray   black +2 whit

Mountain: ENVE AM29 on Rohloff & DT Swiss Hubs

Mountain bike trail wheelset- Intended use: Mountain biking, trail riding.- Features: Lightweight rims, Gates Belt Drive Cog, Thru Axle front hub, Rohloff SPEEDHUB provides reliable shifting in all conditions.- Recommended rider weight: <250 lb.- Wheel Size: 29"Wheel build details- Rims: ENVE AM29- Front hub: DT Swiss 240- Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB- Spokes: Sapim CX Ray- Nipples: ENVE Brass- Lacing: 3 cross  front / 2 cross rearDestination: Berkeley, CA

Mountain: Carbon Rims to DT Swiss 240s Hubs

1x11 speed carbon mountain bike wheelset- Intended use: Mountain biking, trail riding- Features: Lightweight carbon rims, XD driver for 1x11 drivetrain- Recommended rider weight: < 200 pounds- Wheel size: 29"Wheel build details- Rims: Imported carbon 29"- Front hub: DT 240s- Rear hub: DT 240s with XD driver- Spokes: Sapim Race- Nipples: Sapim Brass- Lacing: 3 cross front / 3 cross rearDestination: Berkeley, CA

MTB: ENVE AM29 Carbon Rims on Rohloff & DT Hubs

High End Mountain Bike Wheelset   Intended use: Trail riding   Features: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 offers   reliable shifting in all conditions; Carbon rims provide DH   stiffness at XC weights; tubeless-specific rim shape   Recommended rider weight: <250 lbs    Wheel Size: 29"Wheel build details   Rims: ENVE AM29   Front hub: DT Swiss 240s (32H)   Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 (32H)   Spokes: Sapim Race   Nipples: Pillar internal   Lacing: 3x // 2x   Extras: Magura Storm rotorsDestination: Firefly Bicycles - Boston, MA