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Recovered Bike!!!

After more than a month of searching, Matt received a tip that someone had purchased his bike at the Oakland Coliseum flea market. He was able to track it down and buy it back. Not ideal, but Matt is totally stoked to have his bike back and be able to continue his trip. Thanks for keeping an eye out!


Stolen Bike - Custom Bilenky Rohloff-Equipped Longtail Fat Bike

One of our customers had this bike stolen in downtown San Francisco last week while on his way to visit NAHBS. This has stranded him in Northern California in the middle of his tour. The bike is very distinctive - basically a cross-breed of a Surly Big Dummy and a Pugsley - and was made by Bilenky. It has a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 on the back and huge Surly tires. The frame fits a small or extra small rider. Please help spread the word on this bike by posting this photo to bike boards and social media sites.


Happy New Year from Cycle Monkey!

Greetings from our nation's capital! For the past few months, Cycle Monkey has been serving you from the East Coast -- Washington, DC to be exact.Relocating from Berkeley has triggered some interesting new experiments in the Monkey Lab, while allowing for us to carry on some key Cycle Monkey traditions.From the start, Cycle Monkey has been a cycle-powered business, with several bikes ferrying goods to local customers and the post office to ship packages to those more distant.