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26" Fat Bike Wheelset: Custom Powder Coated SUNringle MuleFUT to Match a Ventana El Gordo with Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14

Powder Coated Fat bike Wheels   Intended use: Fat biking  Features: IGH- Durable and   dependable hassle-free gear hub.  Recommended rider weight: <200  Wheel Size: 26"Wheel build details  Rims: SUNRingle MuleFUT 80SL  Front hub: Hope FatSno 15x150  Rear hub:Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL  Spokes: Race, Black  Nipples: Brass, Black  Lacing:front 3-Cross / rear 2-Cross  Extras: Rims powder coated to   match Ventana El Gordo frame  160mm/180mm, liner, tub

Touring Wheelset +1(spare front wheel): 29" Velocity Cliffhanger with Schmidt Dynamo Hub, Hope Pro 2, and Rohloff SPEEDHUB 5001/14

Touring Wheelset with +1   Intended use: Touring   Features: Dynamo hub -Self-powered lighting. Rohloff -Durable and dependable hassle-free gear   hub. Rim -Internal rim width allows for more tire contact with the road.

Mountain: Carbon Rims on Hope Pro 2 EVO Hubs

Carbon 29er trail wheelset- Intended use: Mountain biking- Features: Lightweight carbon wheelset- Recommended rider weight: <175 lbs.- Wheel size: 29"Wheel build details- Rims: Imported carbon 29"- Front hub: Hope Pro 2 EVO- Rear hub: Hope Pro 2 EVO- Spokes: Sapim Race- Nipples: Sapim Brass- Lacing: 3 cross front / 3 cross rearDestination: Berkeley, CA

Black Sheep High Light Titanium Belt Drive Single Speed with FaithTruss Fork

Black Sheep looking south from Albany Hill ParkThis beautiful titanium bike from Black Sheep Bikes in Ft. Collins, CO came into the Monkey Lab for a Gates Carbon Drive belt conversion. While we are known best for our Rohloff Internal Gear Hub builds, we're big proponents of the Gates belt drive system, which is a fantastic option for single speed bikes as well as internal gear hub bikes.


Fatbike: Sarma Naran 80 Carbon Rims to Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL and Hope Fatsno Hubs

Carbon fatbike trail wheelset- Intended use: Fatbiking, mountain biking, trail riding- Features: Extra-wide rims for traction and comfort, Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL provides reliable shifting in all conditions- Recommended rider weight: < 250 pounds- Wheel size: 26"Wheel build details- Rims: Sarma Naran 80 (80mm)- Front hub: Hope Fatsno 150- Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL- Spokes: Sapim CX Ray- Nipples: Sapim Brass- Lacing: 3 cross front / 2 cross rearDestination: Cycle Monkey Local Demo

MTB: Surly Rolling Darryl Rims on Rohloff and Hope Hubs

Fat Bike Wheels   Intended use: Snow, sand, trail riding   Features: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 offers reliable shifting in    all conditions; wide single wall rims with cutouts offer good     support for large tires without excessive weight   Recommended rider weight: <250 lbs.   Wheel Size: 26"Wheel build details   Rims: Surly Rolling Darryl   Front hub: Hope Fatsno   Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14   Spokes: Sapim Race   Nipples: Sapim brass   Lacing: 3x // 2x   Extras: Surly PVC rim liner                                                 Destination: Seattle, WA

MTB: EDGE Composites Rim on Hope Hub

Ultimate Cross Country Mountain Bike Wheel   Intended use: XC/trail riding   Features: Hope Pro II hub easily converts between 9mm, 15mm,      and 20mm axles; can be set up tubeless; lightweight carbon rim      is as strong and stiff as many downhill rims   Recommended rider weight: <240 lbs   Wheel Size: 29"Wheel build details   Rim: EDGE Composites XC 29 carbon   Front hub: Hope Pro II (32H)   Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray   Nipples: ENVE hidden alloy   Lacing: 3xDestination: For Sale $900