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Belt drive systems from Gates Carbon Drive offer a multitude of advantages over traditional, chain-driven drivetrains: Belts do not rust or require lubrication, offering year-round reliability with minimal mess and virtually no upkeep. You can simply wipe ‘em down after a messy ride and immediately be ready to roll again—no chain cleaner or removal necessary. Belts also last 5-10x longer than most chains and don’t stretch. As a result, belts and sprockets tend to wear at the same (significantly slower) rate.


New Pinion users often find themselves wondering which size front or rear sprockets to use with their Pinion gearbox, or how to compare Pinion gearing setups with a derailleur bike. Pinion gearing can be easily compared to external gearing using the internal gear ratios for the gearbox and the size of the front and rear sprockets.

Here is what you need to do: