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Rohloff-Equipped Belt Driven Dean Monster Touring Bike

We built this bike up for a local customer in Oakland, CA.  He had already been using a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub on a steel road/touring frame for several years and was very pleased with it.  He decided he wanted to get a new bike built around the Rohloff hub as well as the Gates Carbon Drive belt system.  Finishing details were added to make this the most rugged and versatile touring bike he could think of.  Dean bikes was chosen as the builder, and the result is a 45lb titanium monster touring bike.Dean Bikes is located in Boulder, Colorado and have been building titanium bikes for several decades.  They have built plenty of Rohloff bikes throughout the years as well as belt drive bikes since the initial release of the Gates belt drive system.  With all the frames they've built throughout the years, this one is claimed to be the heaviest duty yet.  Everything about this frame is overbuilt.  The frame tubes are thicker than usual, the frame is sized to fit an extra-large rider, and there are 3 brake mounting options - disc, 700c cantilever, and 26" cantilever - just in case the customer gets stuck with a damaged brake or wheel in a third world country.Dean also built the fork on this bike using extra thick tubing complete with the same three brake mounting options.  They are one of only a few companies who offer titanium forks, but their construction method differs slightly from most others.  They use an aluminum crown and press-fit the fork legs and steerer tube into the crown instead of welding the tubes together as is typically done with metal forks.