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More Groovy Goodies - Ti Luv Handle Handlebars

Along with the Rohloff-specific Hot Rod Cranks from Groovy Cycle Works that we showed you on 3-25-12, we also have titanium Luv Handle Handlebars in stock. Like the cranks, these bars are also made in Wooster, OH. They offer an ergonomic hand position with 21.5 degree back sweep, 4 degree up sweep (yields 1" rise), and 26" overall width. The bar clamp diameter is 25.4mm while 31.8mm stems can be used with adapter shims. The forward bend of the center section puts your hands in a similar position to where they would be when using a more standard bar with less back sweep, so you don't have to change your stem. The grip sections have a 22.2mm diameter to fit standard mtb controls, and there is enough length to mount a brake lever, Rohloff SPEEEDHUB 500/14 twist shifter, and palm's width worth of grip.Rody at Groovy Cycle Works spent a lot of time (and made a lot of protoype bars) deciding on which angles offered the best combination of comfort and control. We've been running steel and titanium versions of these handlebars since 2008 and find them to be super comfortable for long rides with lots of seated pedaling. The 21.5 degree back sweep seems to put the grips right in your hands when you reach for the bar. For more aggressive trail riding, you may prefer a wider bar with less sweep for a more aggressive "attack" arm position, but for general XC riding the Luv Handles are hard to beat. The titanium version of the Luv Handles offers more forgiveness than the steel version and is also lighter. Weight on these bars is 275g.We have a couple of titanium bars available with steel and additional titanium bars coming soon. Price is $305.