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ICE Trike with Rohloff Hub and Schlumpf Gearing System

The Inspired Cycle Engineering Sprint FS trike.At Cycle Monkey, we build a fair number of wheels for recumbents using the Rohloff SPEEDHUB and also outfit many recumbents with Schlumpf gearing systems. Recumbent trike and bike riders have an affinity for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and Schlumpf Innovations Speed Drive because of the large gear range and durability of these systems. As a result, this gearing combination has become a common upgrade for owners of high-end trikes.We built the rear wheel and installed a Schlumpf speed drive on this Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) tricycle for a local trike shop, Bay Trail Trikes, to offer as a demo for their customers. The Sprint is ICE’s mid-height riding position model and features a folding chassis for easier storage and transportation as well as dual suspension for better cornering and comfort. It allows for a relaxed yet aerodynamic seating position that falls between ICE’s touring and race models. Bay Trail Trikes has been a Rohloff/Schlumpf gearing advocate for years, and they figured the Sprint was a perfect model to build up for their customers to test ride.Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 built to a Velocity AeroHeat rimBay Trail Trikes wanted this bike to showcase how simple and reliable shifting can be on a recumbent. Recumbents are known to have issues with front derailleurs shifting reliably, since derailleurs are engineered to work specifically on upright bicycles, which have a different derailleur mounting position and chain angle. With the Schlumpf Speed Drive, a rider simply has to tap the button at the center of the cranks with their heel to switch between the system’s two main gears.  Regardless of whether the bike is an upright or recumbent design, the shifting is quick and dependable.The Rohloff and Schlumpf combination makes for an enormous gear range of 868% across 28 speeds. This is particularly helpful on trikes, which don't have to maintain a minimum speed to stay upright. Because of this, a rider can pedal in a low gear and a comfortable high cadence to reach the top of the hill.  Having a wide gear range makes high gears available for the descents.Rohloff and Schlumpf gearing also allows you to shift without having to spin the cranks. When stopped at a stoplight, for instance, a rider can quickly change to a lower gear to be ready to accelerate when the light changes. Derailleurs would require you to start pedaling in a higher gear before switching to a lower gear.The Sprint's seating position allows for an aerodynamic yet comfortable ride.There is a long list of additional benefits to this gearing system when used on trikes and recumbents. For example, the Rohloff hub uses a fixed chain line, which contributes to longer chain life because the chain doesn’t have to move across a range of gears. Longer chains also have more slack and are known to jump off of the chainring when shifting, but with the Rohloff/Schlumpf setup the chain always stays on one sprocket on either end, eliminating dropped chains.On a conventionally geared trike the derailleur system is also very close to the ground, where it can be damaged and is prone to picking up dirt and grime from the road. With the internally housed shifting system of the Rohloff, there are no derailleurs in harm's way and dirt and road grit won't affect shifting.This trike will be featured at the Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show and Convention this weekend, Nov. 1-2 in Pomona, CA. If you’re in the Southern California area, come by and check it out at the Cycle Monkey booth. If you’re in the Bay Area, you can always contact Bay Trail Trikes for a test ride.Build Details:·  Frame Chassis: Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) Sprint FS·  Headsets: FSA Orbit·  Stem: ICE·  Handlebar: custom·  Shifter: Rohloff·  Saddle: ICE·  Front Hubs: ICE·  Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14·  Chain Tensioner: Rohloff·  Spokes: Sapim·  Nipples: Sapim·  Rims: Alex DA16 front, Velocity AeroHeat rear·  Tires: Schwalbe Durano front, Tioga Comp Pool·  Cranks: Schlumpf Innovations Speed Drive·  Bottom Bracket: Schlumpf Innovations·  Chainring: Schlumpff·  Pedals: VP One Bebop·  Chain: Yaban·  Brakes: Tektro Volans front, Avid BB7 rear·  Levers: Tektro Volans·  Extras: SKS fender, dual rearview mirrors