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Danny MacAskill's Tout Terrain Singletrailer

Danny MacAskill is best known for the type of stunts that make most parents cringe with fear, and the Scottish trials rider’s latest edit, Danny’s Daycare, takes things to a whole new level. The video includes the shocking two-wheeled shenanigans Danny is famous for - including rocks, drops, wall rides, and backflips - with one crucial difference. Danny has a young passenger, Daisy, along for the ride in her Tout Terrain Singletrailer the entire time! (sort of…)

Check out the video here:

Of course, we can’t actually recommend this full-suspension children’s bike trailer for some of these moves, and no Daisies were harmed in the making of this film. That said, the video does speak volumes about the very real capabilities and durability of these trailers. Even with the world’s most daring rider at the helm, the Singletrailer stays the course, absorbs impacts, and bounces off even the harshest surfaces as if they were the walls of an inflatable bouncy castle.

If Danny MacAskill can launch off a 20 foot vert ramp with the trailer in tow, crashing multiple times - (watch the fails at the end if you haven’t) - there’s no doubt that the Singletrailer will stand up to your local trail rides.

Unlike other kids’ bike trailers, the Singletrailer features an adjustable 6.3 - 8” of rear wheel suspension travel that allows it to easily absorb any impacts you’d be comfortable taking on your all-mountain or enduro bike. As you can see from the video, it features a CrMo steel chassis and roll bar that ensures security even if the trailer ends up sideways or upside down, but is light enough to, well, do a backflip (or climb your local fire road).

The Singletrailer banks in corners to nearly eliminate the effect of lateral forces on the passenger, and the five-point, race car-style harness restrains the child within a temperature-resistant PU seat. It’s compatible with both 29” and 27.5” wheels, and most dropper posts.

Learn more about the Singletrailer here and be sure to also check out the Streamliner trail-a-bike for older kids, and the Mule cargo trailer for hauling cargo that’s (slightly) less precious.

In the end, the unparalleled off-road capability you get with Tout Terrain’s line of trailers is about having more flexibility to enjoy the things you’re passionate about. Danny’s fun-loving video is a reminder we should spend more time exploring our surroundings with those we love.

And while you should definitely show your kids this video as you indoctrinate them into a world of loam-loving, dirt-eating mountain bike cinematography, you should really show them the beauty of the sport first-hand by bringing them along on your next ride.

Of course, you could always have the babysitter do it...

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