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Cycle Monkey Wheel House

Welcome to our Wheel House! Wheel building is central to Cycle Monkey. Here, we feature hand-built wheels that are made to order for our customers - either for existing bikes or complete bike packages. Check out The Monkey Lab to see complete bikes that feature Cycle Monkey wheels and other products.

Road: Kinlin XC279 Rims on White Industries Hubs

All Around Road Wheels   Intended use:Road riding   Features: light, stiff, semi-aero 23mm wide rims offers better      tire support than traditional 19-20mm wide rims; easy      tubeless setup   Recommended rider weight: <200 lbs   Wheel Size: 700cWheel build details   Rims:Kinlin XC279   Front hub: Velocity T11 (20H)    Rear hub:Velocity T11 (24H)   Spokes:Sapim CX-Ray   Nipples:Sapim aluminum   Lacing:2x  // 2x   Extras:No Tubes yellow tape and valve stemDestination:Cycle Monkey Demo Wheels

MTB: Sun MTX33 Rims on Rohloff and Chris King Hubs

Heavy Duty MTB Trail Bike Wheels   Intended use: Aggressive trail riding   Features: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 offers reliable shifting      in all conditions; wide, sturdy downhill rims in 29" diameter   Recommended rider weight: < 250lbs   Wheel Size: 700c/29"Wheel build details   Rims:Sun Ringle MTX33   Front hub:Chris King ISO Disc (32H)   Rear hub:Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 (32H)   Spokes:Sapim Race   Nipples:Sapim brass   Lacing:3x  // 2x   Destination:Cycle Monkey Demo Bike

Wheelhouse Refurb - MTB: NoTubes Crest Rims on NoTubes Hubs

Lighweight MTB Racing Wheels   Intended use:MTB Racing   Features:Lighweight race day wheels   Recommended rider weight: <160lbs   Wheel Size: 700c/29"Wheel build details   Rims:No Tubes Crest   Front hub:No Tubes 3.3 (32H)   Rear hub:No Tubes 3.3 (32H)   Spokes:Sapim Laser   Nipples:Sapim alloy   Lacing:3x  // 3x   Extras:No Tubes valve stemsDestination:Santa Cruz, CA

MTB: Surly Rims on Paul Hubs

Fat Bike Wheels   Intended use: MTB - snow/sand/trail   Features:Wide single wall rims with cutouts offer good     support for large tires without excessive weight;     135/170mm symmetric wheel builds provide good     wheel stability   Recommended rider weight: <250 lbs   Wheel Size: 26"Wheel build details   Rims:Surly Rolling Darryl   Front hub:Paul Disc Whub (32H)   Rear hub:Paul Disc Rhub 170 (32H)   Spokes:Sapim Race   Nipples:Sapim brass   Lacing:3x  // 3xDestination:Wadsworth, OH

Wheel House Refurb - Velocity Aerohead Rim on Rohloff Hub

Internal Gear Hub Road Wheel   Intended use:Road riding   Features: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 offers reliable shifting      in all conditions   Recommended rider weight: <200 lbs    Wheel Size: 700cWheel build details   Rim: Velocity Aerohead    Rear hub:Rohlofff SPEEDHUB 500/14 (32H)   Spokes:Sapim Race   Nipples:Sapim brass   Lacing:2x    Destination:Oakland, CA

MTB E-Bike: Custom Carbon Fat Bike Rim on Basic Single Speed Hub

Carbon Fat Bike Wheel   Intended use: Urban/beach/trail riding   Features:Custom carbon fiber fat bike rim   Recommended rider weight: <300lbs   Wheel Size: 26"Wheel build details   Rims:Custom Carbon   Rear hub:generic single speed hub (36H)   Spokes:Sapim Stong   Nipples:Sapim Brass   Lacing: 3x    Destination:Oakland, CA

Road: ENVE Rims on Chris King Hubs

Ultimate All-Around Road Wheels   Intended use: Road riding/racing   Features: Front/rear specific rims offer ideal combination of     aero performance and cross-wind stability    Recommended rider weight: <200lbs   Wheel Size: 700cWheel build details   Rims:ENVE Composites SES 3.4 Clincher (35/45mm)   Front hub:Chris King R45 (20H)   Rear hub: Chris King R45 (24H)   Spokes:Sapim CX-Ray   Nipples:ENVE internal   Lacing:Radial  //2x    Destination:Berkeley, CA

MTB: NoTubes Flow Rim on Rohloff Hub

All-Around MTB Wheel   Intended use: Trail riding   Features: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 offers reliable shifting      in all conditions; easy tubeless setup; good combination of      strength vs weight; 28mm wide rim offers good support      for tires up to 2.35" balance of strength & weight   Recommended rider weight: <200 lbs   Wheel Size: 29"Wheel build details   Rim: No Tubes Flow   Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 (32H)   Spokes: Sapim Race   Nipples: Sapim Brass   Lacing: 2xDestination: Larry's Cycle Shop - Kingsport, TN

E-Bike Fat Bike: 20-inch Fat Bike Rim on Single Speed Hub

Mini Fat Bike Wheel   Intended use: Transportation   Features: 100mm wide rim   Recommended rider weight: <250lbs   Wheel Size: 20"Wheel build details   Rims: generic fat bike rim   Front/Rear hub:generic single speed hub (36H)   Spokes: Sapim Leader   Nipples: Sapim Brass   Lacing: 3xDestination: Oakland, CA

Touring: Rigida Rim on Rohloff Hub

Heavy Duty Touring Wheel   Intended use: Touring   Features: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 offers reliable     shifting in all conditions; heavy duty rim for long distance     loaded touring   Recommended rider weight: <25 lbs   Wheel Size: 26"Wheel build details   Rim: Rigida Andra 30   Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 (32H)   Spokes: Sapim Race   Nipples: Sapim Brass   Lacing: 2x   Extras:Schwalbe Rim LinerDestination: Burnaby, BC Canada


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