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Center Track Belt Parts in Stock!

Today, the Fedex man came with a box of long-awaited Center Track belt parts from Gates Carbon Drive, including pulleys for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.Center Track represents the next generation of the belt drive system from Gates Carbon Drive. This version brings improvements in both installation and performance. Here's an overview of the design changes.The flange on the pulleys has been moved from the outside edge to the center, and a mating groove has been cut down the middle of the belts. This allows the belt to be fully captured by each pulley, improving both installation and operation. The system is easier to setup as there is now more tolerance for misalignment between the front and rear pulleys. Most importantly, it also reduces the chances of the belt wandering off the pulleys while riding.The mounting surface for the pulleys has also been moved to allow for adjusting the alignment between the front and rear pulleys. By moving the mounting surface away from the edge to an off-center position, each pulley can be installed in one of two orientations, which moves the teeth either inboard or outboard. This feature helps bring the pulleys into the same plane, improving the belt line.Center Track pulleys are currently available in the following sizes:

  • Front, 4-Bolt, 104mm BCD: 46T, 50T, 55T
  • Front, 5-Bolt, 130mm BCD: 46T, 50T, 55T, 60T
  • Rear, Rohloff Version: 20T

Note: 22T Rohloff rear pulleys expected in approximately two months Center Track belts are currently available in the following sizes: 113T, 115T, 118T, 122T, and 125T.