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3X3 is a brand of H+B Hightech GmbH, a highly specialized manufacturing company with a focus on future-proof engineering. The company’s expertise extends from the development of market-ready products to the selection of optimal production technology, with a focus on sustainable mobility.

Their NINE hub is an internal gear hub designed specifically around the increased loads that ebike drive systems put on drivetrains, which also makes it an ideal choice for a tandem drivetrain. While most internal gearing systems provide large improvements in drivetrain reliability compared to derailleur systems, the NINE hub is additionally designed to be maintenance free and shift easily and reliably in all conditions. It works equally as well on a conventional bike, no matter what type of riding you do.

The NINE is built around a through axle interface, providing direct compatibility with modern bike frames. A wide gear range provides gearing to get up and down steep hills or cruise along on flatter terrain, and sprockets are available to pair it with a belt drive system such as the Gates Carbon Drive system or a chain. As with all internal gearing systems, shifts can be made while stationary or while pedaling, and riders can shift through a handful of gears with one single movement of the shifter.

If you’re looking for a reliable all-weather gearing system, the 3x3 NINE gearhub is an obvious choice. Our expertise and full stock of replacement parts is unparalleled in the industry. Cycle Monkey is your home for all things from 3x3.

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  • 554 % gear range provides plenty of gears to get up, over, around, and down all kinds of terrain with 24% gear intervals
  • 250Nm rated input torque is the highest on the market and strong enough to handle the power of large electric motors
  • Requires very little maintenance and offers unmatched reliability
  • Grease lubricated instead of oil filled to eliminate oil change intervals as well as the possibility of oil leaking out of the system.
  • Mechanical and electronic shifting (for ebikes) options
  • Shift mechanism designed to shift smoothly under load
  • Indexing occurs in the hub, so there is no adjustment required between the hub and shifter, and no tuning of the shifting system is needed.
  • Gears can be changed at any time, whether you're pedaling or not. This offers numerous advantages—from tackling technical singletrack more easily and keeping a more constant cadence, to being able to easily select a lower gear to start from a standstill on the road or trail.
  • Axle end caps allow quick and easy conversion between various axle/frame standards: 135-142-148mm; if you buy a new frame or new bike with a different spacing standard, no problem, just get a different set of caps. This also enables the use of one hub with different bikes with different frame spacings.
  • You always have a perfect chainline between the front chainring and rear sprocket, and the chain doesn't need to move laterally as it does in derailleur systems. This eliminates chain derailment, results in noticeably longer chain life, and virtually eliminates broken chains.
  • Significantly reduced chain and sprocket replacement intervals save money on maintenance costs. Replacement parts are also significantly cheaper than replacement derailleur parts.
  • Compatible with belt drive systems
  • Similar efficiency to a perfectly clean derailleur system and bests derailleurs when things get muddy and gritty.
  • Reduces the complexity of recumbent drivetrains.
  • On recumbents, folding bikes, and other small wheeled bikes on which the rear derailleur is often only an inch or two above the ground, the internal gear hubs improve ground clearance and reduce the chances of costly damage.
  • Can prolong battery life and increase the range of e-bikes.
  • Weight: 2kg