Custom Bike Wheelbuilding and Hub Maintenance Services

We are bicycle wheel fanatics at Cycle Monkey. We offer custom wheel building for all type of bikes: road, mountain, fixed gear, folding, recumbent, and touring bikes. From lightweight climbing and racing wheels to sturdy touring and commuting wheels, from bombproof downhill and dirt jumping wheels to fast rolling cross-country wheels, your new wheels will complement and transform your ride. See our gallery of custom wheels and custom option chart.

Our Process for Hand-Built Wheels

Hand-built wheels offer a ride quality and durability that cannot be matched by a stock machine-built set. While we do have a number of typical wheel packages for common applications, all wheels are built to order for the individual rider. Our approach is to speak personally with each rider to understand his or her individual preferences, riding style, and physical attributes, and then build a set of wheels that will work best for that rider.

No matter what type of wheel you are after, we will build it with unmatched attention to detail. We use a high-precision tensiometer and the personal touch that comes from thousands of hours behind it to deliver wheels that are round, true, and evenly tensioned. All wheels come with a two-year guarantee against defects in craftsmanship.

Custom Wheels, from Low-Spoke Carbon to Traditional Alloy

Cycle Monkey uses the best rims, spokes, and hubs to build custom wheels for each rider's specific needs. We have extensive experience working with products from Edge Composites, Mavic, Velocity, Reynolds, DT Swiss, ZIPP, Wheelsmith, Sapim, White Industries, Chris King, Phil Wood, Shimano, Campagnolo, and other reputable brands.

We offer many lacing patterns including standard 3-cross, 2-cross, and radial, as well as the more unique twisted spoke, inter-laced spoke, and crow's foot. For various wheel options, please see our customization chart and our wheel gallery.

Wheel Rebuilds and Repairs

We can also rebuild your complete wheel system following a crash to our same high standards. We service wheel systems from the following manufacturers: Edge Composites, Mavic, Shimano, Campagnolo, Easton, Roval, Reynolds, Zipp, and American Classic.

Bicycle Hub Maintenance and Overhaul Services

As with most high-performance mechanical components, your hubs need regular service. Keeping them well maintained provides many years of smooth rolling and prevents premature failure of bearings and the freehub.

Cycle Monkey has more than 15 years of experience servicing bicycle hubs and a diverse collection of specialized tools to do the job right. We have experience with hubs from Chris King, DT Swiss (Hugi), Rohloff, Shimano, Campagnolo, Mavic, Phil Wood, White Industries, American Classic, Industry Nine, Tune, Zipp, and many other brands. Our hub service includes:

  • Disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of the hub mechanism
  • Cleaning and regreasing of loose ball or rebuildable cartridge bearings
  • Replacement of bearings and freehub body as necessary
  • Upgrading hubs to ceramic bearings
  • Comprehensive maintenance of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB

If you're going through bearings too quickly or want faster, smoother spinning wheels, we also offer bearing upgrades, using Phil Wood's Phil-spec bearings or ceramic bearings. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we'll come up with a great solution.

Custom Bike Wheels

Video: Cycle Monkey Builds a Custom Wheel

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Hub Service Schedule

Most manufacturers suggest annual hub servicing. Here's the recommended schedule from three popular hub brands that Cycle Monkey services:

Chris King - full hub overhaul every 1-2 years depending on riding conditions.

DT Swiss - annual hub service in normal conditions, and more frequently in severe conditions.

Mavic - freehub service once or twice a year under normal conditions, and up to four times in severe conditions.



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