Monkey Bone Post-Mount Brake Adapter for Rohloff SPEEDHUB

Improve the installation of your Rohloff SPEEDHUB when using the OEM2 axle plate and disc brakes. The Monkey Bone is a brake mount for post-mount style brakes, replacing the Rohloff SPEEDBONE and stock brake bracket. The Monkey Bone has a special slot cut around the rearward bolt hole, allowing it to interface directly with the OEM2 axle plate. This solution greatly simplifies the hardware required to use the Rohloff SPEEDHUB with a disc-brake setup. Purchase the Monkey Bone online or download the Monkey Bone instruction manual.

Monkey Bone Benefits

We offer the Monkey Bone for 160mm and 180mm rotors, and also have custom spacers for use with 203mm rotors. No matter which size you use, you get three key benefits over the SPEEDBONE:

  • Easier wheel changes
  • Weight savings of 60 grams
  • Cleaner appearance

The Monkey Bone also offers an elegant solution for frame builders wishing to build a Rohloff SPEEDHUB-specific bike, without having to design and manufacture their own Rohloff-specific dropout. Using the Monkey Bone offers the same (or even better) integrated look and functionality of the Rohloff OEM dropout design.

Ready to buy or just want to learn more? Purchase the Monkey Bone online, contact us about the Monkey Bone, or download the instruction manual.

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