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Rohloff SPEEDHUB Service Experts
Complete Selection of Rohloff Spare Parts and SPEEDHUBS in Stock!

Cycle Monkey is the sole North American Service Partner for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14. Our expertise and full stock of Rohloff hubs, replacement parts, and accessories are unmatched! We provide Rohloff warranty service as well as routine Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 maintenance. Watch our Rohloff service video. We have the SPEEDHUB 500/14 in all configurations in-stock and ready for purchase. More >>>


PRODUCT UPDATE : 36-hole SPEEDHUBS now available in all colors and configurations.



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Schlumpf Gearing Systems

Cycle Monkey carries the most complete selection of Schlumpf Innovations' bicycle gearing systems and accessories in the U.S. These Swiss manufactured, two-speed, planetary gearing systems are shifted with your heel. With a Schlumpf Speed Drive, Mountain Drive, or High Speed Drive, you maintain a clean look while enhancing the functionality of your SS, fixed-gear, or internally geared bike. More >>>

Custom Wheel Building

Custom-built wheels are the best way to fit your wheels to your riding style, weight, terrain, budget, and cycling discipline. At Cycle Monkey, we select the ideal hub, rim shape and size, spoke type and count, and lacing pattern to design and build wheels that will best match your particular needs. More >>>

Suspension Services

Keep your mountain bike suspension forks and rear shocks in excellent working condition with regular maintenance. Cycle Monkey offers routine suspension servicing as recommended by the manufacturers, plus custom fork and shock tuning to match your riding style and needs. More >>>


About Cycle Monkey

At Cycle Monkey, we live and breathe bikes—we love to ride them, work on them, and talk about them, from road to mountain and everything in between. We have specialized tools for just about everything bike related. When you ask us to service your Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14, build a new set of wheels, or overhaul your suspension fork, you get the real-world expertise that comes from 20 years of riding, racing, and wrenching on bikes. Contact us and read more about our experience.


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